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Engineering Reports, Plans and Designs.

We understand that there are number of different underpinning methods and sometimes it can be quite difficult to determine what is the right one for you. That’s why it can be best to get an unbiased Engineer’s report to help you make your decision.

Engineer’s can offer you a full report as well as an underpinning plan/design if need be.

Over the years Complete Underpinning have worked with many different engineer’s and building groups particularly with insurance jobs. We have the ability to work together and make sure that your property gets the right job done in the most cost effective way. 

Whilst we do offer free quotes and advice, Complete Underpinning highly recommends getting an engineers report done.

Click on the link below to view Magryn Engineer’s website who have written up a few paragraphs about different underpinning methods. Alternatively you can contact them on 8295 8677 to arrange an inspection. 

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