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In cases where extreme settlement has occurred, Complete Underpinning has the ability to construct piers internally with our tight access excavator.

Door Jams and Cracks, Bouncy Floors

Separation of a door jamb and wall. Typical movement for homes with no control joints. They are more likely to move on doorways or window frames.

Pier holes

Our piers are drilled to a depth that goes beyond the reactive clay soils the house is originally sitting on. These depths vary depending on location. However around Adelaide 4m piers are usually necessary.

Level Checks

Complete Underpinning prides ourselves on providing your home or business with the best possible outcome, level checks included.


Hydraulic Jacks used to re-level the building as close to the original level as possible.

Ceiling Seperation

Ceiling separation especially to a high degree is another sign that your home might need Underpinning.

Exterior Seperation and Cracks

Exterior separation and cracks is a sign and something to be aware of when considering if your house needs Underpinning or you have subsiding.

Retaining Walls

In addition to underpinning, we specialise in Retaining Walls, Storm Water trenching, Fencing, Earth Moving Services and more. By being proactive and protecting your foundation you will help ensure its stability.

Complete Underpinning

Complete Underpinning works to the highest standard to make sure your house is going to last for years to come.

Wall Cracks

Large interior wall cracks are one of many examples of one thing to look for when questioning if your home or businesses has a subsiding foundation and may need Underpinning.

Dry Soil and Climate

Adelaide provides a tough climate for foundations and infrastructure. Be sure to keep your soil, surrounding trees and plants well watered, especially through long periods without rain.

Victorian House

Adelaide has some of the most unique and beautiful houses in all of Australia and at Complete Underpinning we take the utmost care when working on each individual home.

Tree Roots

Trees and roots systems surrounding your house can cause subsiding, so make sure the trees have water and be aware of how close the root system is to your foundation.

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